Hypoallergenic Cleaning Services in Sussex & Kent

Hypo-Clean specialise in Allergy Management, particularly in children’s nurseries, hotel rooms and of course in the domestic area – your home.

This type of deep cleaning with specialist equipment and products, can greatly improve the day to day life of an allergy sufferer as well as their family.

The general public are now ever increasingly aware thanks to publicity in the media regarding allergy related health problems, that there are ways to manage there allergies. Hypo-Clean provide a systematic treatment of any room or area you require, to effectively reduce the allergens that trigger a reaction.

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This cleaning process utilises machines and treatments that have been scientifically and independently proven to sterilise and kill bacteria and viruses including MRSA, E. coli and the H1N1 flu virus etc. These treatments are being used in the medical field for this reason, as they are so effective.

"Over 30% of adults and 40% of children
are now diagnosed allergy sufferers"

It’s time we all took a fresh look at how we clean and embrace new, healthier and eco-friendly products and techniques.

Chlorine and chemical based cleaners are loosing favour as we begin to realise their true impact.

Hypo-Clean believe there is an Eco-friendly approach to cleaning that is not only better for the environment but our clients also.

By removing ALL harmful cleaning chemicals such as bleach out of the cleaning routine and replacing it with natural plant based cleaning products, we can create a far cleaner and more importantly a healthier environment to live and work in. Some natural cleaning products have been tested and accredited with the ‘EU Flower’.

We make recommendations during the consultation on how we can reduce your cleaning bill by utilising our latest cleaning techniques as opposed to regular cleaning methods using large amounts of costly chemicals.

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For more information, please call us to discuss your needs.